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We design, build and run any workspace.

Furnishings determine so much. Like the first impression a client gets when they come in for a meeting. Or the extent to which users feel at home, and employees want to go the extra mile for the success of the company. Pater designs your interior as an expression of your identity. What’s more, we execute it - practically, professionally and sustainably. And the love we invest in your interior never stops, so that it will always look representative, and every button does what it is supposed to do. Design, execution, maintenance: Pater is the one-stop shop you can rely on.





We design

No two interiors are alike, yet you often see them all looking the same. We see it as a challenge to be creative in this field - within the lines, but breaking through boundaries. Because Pater understands why things are the way they are, and we have the vision to play around with these guidelines. So, we design a set-up that feels like it could never have been any other way. One that meets every need at hand. After all, it has to work.


We build

Implementing a design involves more expertise than you might think. How do you keep things affordable, sustainable, ergonomic? What should you not want, what should you not skip? Pater ensures that everything is considered when a design becomes a reality. We solve problems before they become problems. The result; a carefree interior, where we excel in the fact that we relieve you of concerns. At every step of the process.


We run

After construction, when we close the door behind us, it will only be to see if it does that seamlessly. Not because we think we’re done. We like to continue to provide our services, so that everything keeps working, and continues to meet the needs of that specific moment. An interior has to make everyone happy. And continue to do so - even after intensive use.

Start to finish - and beyond

We bring things together

Each phase in the process of creating a fantastic interior interrelates with the next. You can’t design without thinking ahead to the implementation. And no matter how gorgeous it might look; the proof of the pudding is in eating it – small adjustments can sometimes deliver enormous gains. Of course, you can use Pater for a single component, which we do competently and with a great deal of love. But we like to remain involved from A to Z. That way, we can give you the reassurance that everything is right. It may sound very logical (and to us it is), but you will notice how carefree it feels when everything is handled by one party. A party you can rely on: Design, Build & Run.

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